Interested in a Federal Job?

The government classifies jobs that share common characteristics into general work “groups” and specific “series.” The occupations are generally divided into white-collar (General Schedule, or GS) and trades (Wage Grade, or WG) job groups.

The Classification pages provide:

  • General information about the classification of Federal positions
  • Occupational information
  • Grading criteria for the General Schedule and Federal Wage Classification Systems
  • Draft classification and job grading standards

The Qualifications pages provide:

  • General policies and information on eligibility and qualifications for Federal occupations
  • Government wide qualification requirements for specific occupations
  • Draft qualifications standards
  • A list of occupations that have medical requirements
  • Recent issuance of new or revised qualification standards
  • Federal Wage System Qualifications

If you are interested in more detailed information about the work performed by a particular job series, you can research the Position Classification Standards maintained by OPM’s website.

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